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The Tharp Brothers -- I Will Serve Thee

The Tharp Brothers -- I WIll Serve Thee
Price: $15.95
Product#: FMM-06541-CD
Faith Music Missions
Male Trio
Total Playing Time: 37:53

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Somebody Touched Me (2:59) -- Savana Foust
2. Keep On the Firing Line (3:04)
-- JR Baxter Jr. - Stamps-Baxter
3. Down From His Glory (Darren) (4:54)
-- William E Booth
4. Farther Along (3:42) 
-- Rev. W B Stevens, JR Baxter Jr. -  Stamps-Baxter
5. We Believe (Russell) (4:51)
-- Nathan DiGesare, Dan Scott - Dayspring Music
6. Canaanland Is Just In Sight (2:09)
-- Jeff Gibson
7. I'll Meet You In the Morning (3:34)
-- Albert E Brumley
8. The Glad Reunion Day (2:23) 
-- Adger M Pace
9. Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All/What A Day That Shall Be (2:36)
10. Sweet Beulah Land (Darren) (3:45)
-- Squire Parsons
11. I Will Serve Thee (3:54)
-- William j and Gloria Gaither

What's inside the CD cover...
In 1970, Philip Tharp (our dad) heard the gospel of Jesus Christ on the back of a city fire truck. Less than a year later, he was saved. This was closely followed by our mother, Althea. All six of their children later came to know the Lord as their personal savior.

In 1973, Dad answered the call of the Holy Spirit to preach the Gospel. From there, he left his firefighting career to follow his calling. His life was consumed with loving God, loving and training his family, and finally ministering to others. Our dear dad led countless people to Christ. His greatest goal in life was to raise godly seed.

Our precious dad and mom are both in heaven now. Mom went home to be with the Lord in 1985 and dad in 2005. It has been a struggle to continue on without them. They trained us to serve Christ no matter what. We dedicate this CD to their sainted memory in the sure and precious hope that we will see them again soon! Until then, "I Will Serve Thee" will continue to be our watch words as we raise our own children for God.

We dedicate the song "Farther Along" to our friend Dr. Jack Trieber: Without whom the making of this CD would not be possible. Thank you, Brother!

"Thankfulness" is not enough to express our gratitude towards Bro Ed Russ and Bro. David Chamberlain. Their expertise was invaluable in the studio as we made this recording.

The Tharp Brothers,

Dr. Darren M Tharp,
Dr. Eric M Tharp,
Dr. Russell G Tharp

The The Tharp Brothers, 405 N Jefferson St, Ionia, MI 48840

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