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The Tharp Brothers -- Thinkin' About Home

The Tharp Brothers -- Thinkin' About Home
Price: $15.95
Product#: FMM-08604-CD
Faith Music Missions
Male Trio
Total Playing Time: 33:41

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. What A Savior (3:58) -- Marvin P  Dalton
2. I've A Home Beyond The River (2:10)
-- John W Peterson
3. I Believe In A Hill Called Mount Calvary (4:01)
-- William J Gaither
4. I Can See (on The Emmaus Road) (5:18) 
-- Gloria Gaither, David Meece
5. Had It Not Been (2:59)
-- Charles Goodman
6. Let The Lower Lights Be Burning (2:16)
-- Philip Paul Bliss
7. Cross Medley: Hallelujah, What A Savior/When I Survey The Wondrous Cross/And Can It Be? (4:09)
8. It Is Still The Blood (3:12) 
-- Lois Gail
9. Master Of The Sea (2:23) 
-- Squire Parsons
10. Thinkin' About Home (3:09)
-- Terry Toler

What's inside the CD cover...
"Thinkin' About Home" is dedicated in loving memory of our beloved preacher-son, Eric Jonathan Tharp. The Lord called Eric home at the young age of 18 on the day after Thanksgiving of 2003. He was studying for the ministry as a third-generation preacher and loved his Lord with a fervent passion. He is missed beyond words.

As we continue our sojourn here on this earth, thoughts of him and other loved ones who have gone on before, cause us to continually long for and think about "Home".

"A home unhurt by sighs or tears, where waiteth many a well-known face. With passing months it comes more near it grows more real day by day; Not strange or cold, but very dear -- That glad homeland not far away, where none are sick, or poor, or lone, the place where we shall find our own, and as we think of all we knew, who there have met to part no more, our longing hearts desire home, too, with all life' sorrow and trouble o'er."

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