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Vicki Duim -- Whispering Notes I

Vicki Duim -- Whispering Notes I
Price: $15.95
Product#: Vicki-1-CD
RJD Inv Inc. Lynden, WA
Instrumental--Grand Piano and Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 33:20

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This recording is listed under:
Piano Music 

Songs Included On This CD
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1. Just A Closer Walk With Thee (2:58)
2. He (4:35)
3. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (2:33)
4. He The Pearly Gates Will Open (3:03)
5. How Great Thou Art (4:11)
6. I Asked The Lord (3:18)
7. Somebody Bigger Than You And I (3:07)
8. Remind Me Dear Lord (1:38)
9. In The Garden (3:12)
10. Whispering Hope (4:37)

About Vicki Duim...
At the age of 9, only a few weeks into piano lessons, my tender young fingers of my right hand were caught in a lawn mower. I awkwardly began to eat, write, and get by with my left hand. My thoughts as a child were not on how to do those necessary tasks, but only whether I would be able to learn how to play the piano. Sitting on my piano bench, I told God my problems, and promised someday to use playing the piano for His purpose, if I please be able to use my right hand to play. Eight weeks later, the bandages were removed, and my hand hand gradually healed. I returned to piano lessons and have enjoyed playing for many years, remembering my promise, but not knowing how or when God would use me. At 21, I received Christ as my savior. The words and music of the old hymns and gospel songs are rich and full, and a great blessing to me.

Whispering Notes Volume I was intended only for my parents as a "thank you" for all the years of piano lessons they paid for. Encouraged by my family, friends, and church families, I've made these available to others to the praise and glory of God. It's been such a joy that others have been blessed and that God receives the praise through the gift He gave that might glorify Him.

My husband and I are members of Liberty Fundamental Baptist Church of Lynden, WA, led by Pastor Gary Small of Bellingham, WA.

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