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Sound Foundation Choir And Orchestra -- In Holy Songs Of Joy

Sound Foundation Choir And Orchestra -- In Holy Songs Of Joy
Price: $15.95
Product#: P02485-CD
Principle Music
Choir And Orchestra (Classical Music)
Total Playing Time: 49:38

NOTE: Song Lyrics are included in the CD insert.

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Hallelujah (4:14) -- From Christ on the Mount Of Olives (Ludwig Von Beethoven)
2. The Lord's Prayer (2:57)
-- Albert Hay Malotte
3. Joyful, Joyful (2:44)
-- From Symphony #9 (Ludwig Von Beethoven + Henry Van Dyke)
4. He Watching Over Israel (3:38)
--  From Elijah (Felix Mendelssohn)
5. The Heavens Are Telling (4:27)
-- From The Creation (Joseph Haydn)
6. Holy Art Thou (4:44)
-- Largo From Xerxes (George Frederic Handel)
7. Hallelujah Chorus (3:59)
-- From The Messiah (George Frederic Handel)
8. Eternal Life (2:38)
-- Olive Dungan (St. Francis of Assisi)
9. Lift Up Your Heads (3:10)
-- From The Messiah (George Frederic Handel)
10. How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (5:34)
-- From A German Requiem (Johannes Brahms)
11. Hallelujah, Amen! (1:38)
--Hallelujah Amen! From John Maccabaeus (George Frederic Handel)
12. Cherubim Song No. 7 (2:46)
-- (Dmitri Bortniasky)
13. Worthy Is The Lamb (3:22)
-- From The Messiah (George Frederic Handel)
14. Amen (3:50)
-- From The Messiah (George Frederic Handel)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
Produced and Conducted by: Leon Anderson
Recorded At: Aire Born Studios
Orchestrations: Tracy Ann Collins And Loren Elms
Performed By The: Sound Foundation Choir And Orchestra
Engineered By: Mike Petrow
Cover Design: IBLP Publications Department.

From across the nation, young people with a desire to praise the Lord in music met one another, some of them for the first time, at a gathering in Indianapolis (Indiana). Before them lay a task of seemingly insurmountable difficulty. But these young people's trust was not in their instruments, nor in their talents, but in the living God of their fathers. A distinctive characteristic of this group was that its members have been trained at home by their parents through the Advanced Training Institute, not only in music and academics but also in the ways and principles of God.

A choir does not simply "fall together" but matures with time, practice, and the guidance of a skillful director. Mr. Leon Anderson had a mere seven days with these young people to produce a recording that would be marked by the sound of excellence. Not only were they to master fourteen (14) difficult pieces, with which most of them were unfamiliar, but they were also to communicate a message from the heart through the careful interpretation of each song. They applied diligence to a practice-filled week, overcoming frustrations and pressing on in determination to meet the challenge. However, even the night before the recording session, there was a concern that in spite of the preparation the group was not yet ready.

It took a supernatural blessing from the Lord. He Who orchestrated the Exodus from Egypt, the crossing of the Jordan, and the march around the Jericho, yes, He Who brings unity out of unfamiliarity gave His blessing to Mr. Anderson on the ATI students beyond anyone's expectations that day. The result lies before you not only as a record of melodious music in Honor to the lord but also as a testimony of His power in accomplishing the Impossible

Soli Deo Gloria


Celebrating 50 years
This album is dedicated to Mr. Leon Anderson in celebration of his fifty years of conducting choral music.

As a youth, Leon resolved to make his life count for eternity. Toward this end, he established standards and commitments which would help him make wise decisions in the years to come. It was during his high school years that he became involved in chorale and developed a deep love for classic choral music.

When Leon was asked to conduct his high school choir, he took up the challenge, never dreaming that this was the first light of opportunity in the dawn of a new frontier that would shape the course of his future and benefit thousands of others.

Several men have had a powerful impact on his life and were key instruments which God used to mold his perspective and hone his talents for the life work that lay ahead of him.

One of these men was the Reverend Billy Graham, whom Leon met for the first time in 1947 when asked to sing with a quartet at a conference in Minneapolis (MN). It was role models such as Reverend Graham who helped Leon to understand God's ways and left him with a deep desire to know more of Jesus Christ.

Another was Robert Shaw, whom Leon studied under in the 1950's. He appreciated Shaw's puristic approach and was inspired by his unique style of conducting, which employed brisk tempos and creative interpretation.

As Mr. Anderson began conducting his own choirs, he brought together a worshipful spirit with a quality sound in keeping with the intent of the composers.

His gifts have brought him before great men and given him significant opportunities to minister to others. Over the past thirty-five years, he has served as the chairman of the music departments at the University of Michigan (at Dearborn), Crown College (St. Paul, Minnesota), and Tyndale College (Detroit, Michigan). He has taught voice and conducted many choirs and orchestras. Mr. Anderson has a special love for young people, and his students know that he is always available to listen to their struggles as well as their dreams and that they can count on him for wise counsel.

Mr. Anderson brings a fresh sound to sacred classics with his unusual ability to interpret the scores with a spirit that exceeds written dynamics. Audiences across the nation and around the world have been touched by the tenderness as well as the triumph expressed in his music. While this album is an attempt to capture this spirit of worship in a recording that will last a lifetime, it is a tribute to the sacrifice and dedication of a man who has sought only to honor God in every area of his life--a life that will count for eternity.

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