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Majesty Music -- Praises III Songbook

Majesty Music -- Praise III
Price: $10.95
Product#: Praises III
Format: Spiral Bound Soft Cover book
8 3/8" "High x 6" Wide (Closed) [11" Wide (Open)]
Majesty Music

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Majesty Orchestra -- Majesty Strings III 
Majesty Orchestra -- Victorious Strings 
Majesty Strings -- Jesus, I Come 
Ron Hamilton -- Cherish The Moment 
Ron Hamilton -- I Saw Jesus In You 
Ron Hamilton -- Listen For The Trumpet 
Ron Hamilton -- Wings As Eagles 
Ron and Shelly Hamilton -- Lord Of All 
Ron and Shelly Hamilton  -- Wash Me Now 
Ron and Shelly Hamilton  -- Worthy of Praise 

The message in the front of the book reads (Praises III)...
"Sing praises to God, sing praises: sing praises unto our King, song praises." -- Psalm 47:6

PRAISES III is a unique combination of songs that will accommodate a wide variety of groups and occasions. This volume is filled with thought-provoking hymns and several simple gospel songs as well. There are choirs selections and seasonal songs that will provide variety and freshness to any music ministry. Children will also find special songs that are fun and creative while teaching important principles. The two PRAISES books have been used effectively as special music for the church choir, mixed ensembles, and solos, as well as a supplement to the hymnal for congregational singing. PRAISES III is also appropriate for chapel singing, youth groups, Sunday School Class, family devotional time, and other special occasions.

The dedicated team of writers and authors at Majesty Music have composed and compiled this book to meet the needs of Bible-Believing churches for quality Christian Music. We believe that Christ-honoring music must be scripturally accurate in lyrics and in principles and should communicate the victorious message of the gospel with vitality and majesty. We do not seek to imitate the world in any musical style. Our purpose is to create melodies and lyrics that carefully focus hearts and minds on the Savior of His Word.

We are thrilled with the responses we have received to Volumes I & II of Praises. The songs from these two books are now doing sung in over twenty-five languages around the world, from the jungles of Surinam to the blossoming churches of Russia. It is wonderful to see how God is using our efforts to preach the Gospel and teach His Word through music. We dedicate PRAISES III to faithful believers worldwide who preach and teach the gospel and sing God's praises to the lost. We pray that the Lord will use these songs to encourage and build believers as they sing and bring glory to your Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. If his name is glorified through this combination of words and music, we will have accomplished our purpose. 

"Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise from the end of the earth." -- Isaiah 42:10

Compiled And Edited By
Frank Garlock & Ron Hamilton


A-Z list of the 101 songs contained in this songbook
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NOTE: The name of the songwriter is in Italics

A Monument To Freedom (48) -- Frank Garlock
A Mother's Love (94) -- Laverne Craig & Roberta Nottingham
A Mother's Prayer (96) -- Roberta Nottingham
A Simple Kind Of Christmas (62) -- Ron Hamilton
All Of Grace (39) -- T. O. Chisholm & Frank Garlock
Alleluia! Sing To Jesus (3) -- William Dix & Frank Garlock
Always The Same (67) -- Ron Hamilton
Amazing Grace (4) -- John Newton & Frank Garlock
Are You Living For The Lord? (32) -- Frank Garlock
Be Still And Know (11) -- Ron Hamilton
Born Again (70) -- Ron Hamilton
Born In My Heart (50) -- Ron Hamilton
Bring Back The Glory (44) -- Frank Garlock
Bring Forth Fruit (59) -- Ron Hamilton
Calvary's Blood (16) -- Ron Hamilton
Cherish The Moment (49) -- Ron Hamilton
Christmas At Home (72) -- Ron Hamilton
Christmas In Your Heart (31) -- Ron Hamilton
Come, Bless The Lord (9) -- Based On Psalm 134 & 135
Come Unto Me (98) -- Ron Hamilton (c. 1985)
Don't Go Away Without Jesus (12) -- Unknown
Emmanuel (13) -- Ron Hamilton
Every Knee Shall Bow (25) -- Frank Garlock
Glorify (82) -- Ron Hamilton
God Give Us Good Men (8) -- Ron Hamilton
God Makes No Mistakes (58) -- Kim Buffington
God So Loved The World (Round) (77) -- Ron Hamilton
God's Eternal Word (1) -- Frank Garlock (the poem in which the song is based is attributed to Martin Luther)
God's Perfect Lamb (74) -- Ron Hamilton
Great And Marvelous (30) -- Ron Hamilton
Great And Mighty (64) -- Unknown (Arr. By Shelly Hamilton)
He Comforts Us (101) -- Rick Ragan
He Gives Me Joy (52) -- Ron Hamilton
He Is King (97) -- Ron Hamilton
Holy, Lord God Of Hosts (14) -- Mary Lathbury
I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus (86) -- Frances Havergal & Frank Garlock
I Am Your Creation (43) -- Ron Hamilton
I Believe (6) -- Ron Hamilton
I Love To Live For Jesus Christ (40) -- Frank Garlock
I Shall See The King (80) -- Ron Hamilton
II Will Be True (83) -- Ron Hamilton
I'm Adopted (60) -- Ron Hamilton
I'm Growing (26) -- Ron Hamilton
It's Wonderful Day (38) -- Shelly Hamilton And Roberta Nottingham 
Jesus Cares (95) -- Frank Garlock
Jesus Is My Song Of Praise (79) -- Frank Garlock
Keep My Eyes Fixed On You (15) -- Ron Hamilton
Lift The Name (5) -- Ron Hamilton
Listen For The Trumpet (41) -- Ron Hamilton
Little By Little (90) -- Ron Hamilton
Longing For Home (87) -- Ron Hamilton
Lord, Bless Our Home (57) -- Ron Hamilton
Lord, I Need You (28) -- Ron Hamilton
Lord, Make Me A Song (68) -- Frank Garlock
Molding A Masterpiece (2) -- Frank Garlock
Mountain-Moving Faith (24) -- Ron Hamilton
My Heart Can Never Thank You Enough (93) -- Frank Garlock
My Mother's Gentle Love (69) -- Ron Hamilton
My Quiet Time (63) -- Ron Hamilton
My Sin Is Ever Before Me (51) -- Ron Hamilton
O Jesus, Precious Savior (81) -- Frances Havergal & Frank Garlock
Oh, Magnify The Lord (54) -- Ron Hamilton
Oh, Worship The King (17) -- Robert Grant
One Heartbeat Away (66) -- Bob Jones
Open Our Eyes (91) -- Ron Hamilton
Peace Be Still (61) -- Ron Hamilton
Praise The Savior (100) -- Thomas Kelly And Frank Garlock
Resting (34) -- Frank Garlock
Salvation (99) -- Frank Garlock
Say, "I Love You" (27) -- Ron Hamilton
Servant's Heart (88) -- Ron Hamilton
Serving The Lord (78) -- Frank Garlock
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (73) -- Ron Hamilton
Stretching The Truth (35) -- Ron Hamilton
Ten Thousand Hallelujahs (29) -- Ron Hamilton
Thank You, Lord (22) -- Ron Hamilton
The Angels Are Singing Again (84) -- Ron Hamilton
The Best Time (10) -- Frank Garlock
The Fear Of The Lord (55) -- Ron Hamilton
The Greatest Command (21) -- Ron Hamilton
The Greatest Gift (76) -- Ron Hamilton
The Heaven's Declare (33) -- Ron Hamilton
The Lord Is My Light (23) -- Ron Hamilton
The Lord Is My Shepherd (42) -- Ron Hamilton
The Loving Shepherd (46) -- Frank Garlock (Traditional Spanish Song)
The Master Of Miracles (92) -- Frank Garlock
The Praise Song (36) -- Ron Hamilton
Then Jesus Came (85) -- Ron Hamilton
There Is Fragrance In His Presence (75) -- Bob Jones
There Will Always Be A Christmas (18) -- Frank Garlock
Trust In The Lord (With All Thine Heart) (65) -- Ron Hamilton (c. 1987)
Wait On The Lord (71) -- Ron Hamilton
Walk With The Wise (56) -- Ron Hamilton
We Are Gathered Together (20) -- Ron Hamilton
We Salute You, Land Of Liberty (19) -- Frank Garlock
What A Joy (47) -- Frank Garlock
Wings As Eagles (53) -- Ron Hamilton
Worship The Lord (7) -- Ron Hamilton
Worthy Is The Lamb (89) -- Ron Hamilton
You Are My Fortress (45) -- Ron Hamilton
Yours Forever (37) -- Ron Hamilton

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