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James M German -- Favorite Hymns On A Chromatic Harmonica

James M German -- Favorite Hymns On A Chromatic Harmonica
Price: $15.95
Product#: Harmonica1-CD
Independent Artist
Chromatic Harmonica
Total Playing Time: 35:12

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Songs Included On This CD
(Click To Listen to 90 Second Windows Media samples)

1. The Old Rugged Cross (2:38)
2. God Will Take Care Of You (2:03)

3. As The Deer (1:52)
4. Cleanse Me (1:31)

5. Nailed To The Cross (2:01)

6. Have Thine Own Way Lord (1:41)
7. Speak My Lord (2:16)
8. Abide With Me (1:46)
9. I Love To Tell The Story (2:41)
10. Amazing Grace (1:44)
11. Just A Closer With Thee (2:16)
12. There's Something About That Name (2:18)
13. Open Mine Eyes That I May See (1:53)
14. Nearer My God To Thee (2:02)
15. Living For Jesus (2:51)
16. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (1:53)
17. Rock Of Ages, Cleft For Me (1:36)

What's inside the CD Cover

The purpose of making this CD recording is to give praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave Himself freely and willingly to save my soul! He shed His blood on a Roman Cross to save me from eternal punishment. LET EVERYTHING THAT BREATHES PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!

A second reason for recording this music is to show that the Chromatic harmonica is not just a toy or something to make train sounds. The 64 reed Chromatic harmonica is an instrument as much so as a trumpet, violin, clarinet or trombone. With a developed skill, it can be played in solos, in small groups or in an orchestra. It is a rather difficult instrument to play really well. Most people who play them require a harmonica in each key they will play in. God has allowed me to play ALL the different keys in just one key of C Chromatic harmonica. The key of C is the basic key of the piano. Each of the 16 holes on a 64 reed chromatic harmonica have four sounds. Each hole has two blow notes and two draw notes. You rarely hear someone playing difficult music with a chromatic harmonica. You must do a lot of concentration to play a chromatic harmonica.

I must acknowledge deep appreciation to all those people who have encouraged me to proceed with this recording. My dear, 97 year old mother, Nell German introduced me as a small child to the small 8 hole diatomic harmonica. My wife, Pat German, a talented lady in her won right, has PUSHED and encouraged me to keep on trying! Then there is my skilled knowledgeable friend from Maryland, MR. THOMAS A FRENCH, who led me and directed me to purchase the right electronic equipment to use in my basement recording studio. Thomas spent hours writing me and telling me how to do things! Thank you to Bill Ellis for doing the recording, art work, printing, editing, mastering, and engineering! I thank my church family at Zion Hill Baptist Church for encouraging me to develop my talent in music and serve our Lord! Most of all, I must thank my Lord for loaning me the talent to play in a way that I can praise Him! Nathan Osborne, a musician and singer himself, has done research for me.

In 1948, at age 9, I had a benign brain tumor removed. This tumor left me totally blind for almost 2 years. Being a musically inclined person I picked up different instruments. My parents bought me an $18, 64 reed Chromatic Harmonica. I was out of school due to my blindness and lost out two years of schooling. As I continued to try to play the harmonica, my vision gradually and partly came back. Even to this day I am LEGALLY BLIND but yet operate farm machinery. I see just in the center of my right eye, otherwise physically blind, BUT NOT BLIND SPIRITUALLY!

At the time of this recording, 2007, I am a 68 year old retired poultry farmer. The Lord, apparently has spared my life for a reason. I had the testings of a brain tumor, blindness, being run over with a 14,000 pound fork lift, lymphoma cancer, and colitis. The Lord cured me of all of them! I have sung in choruses, barbershop quartets, and choirs most of my life. Pat an I live on a large farm in northwestern North Carolina. In 50 years, I raised over 9,000,000 frying size chickens before retirement.

Since age 17, I have wanted to do HARMONY and MELODY! With the poor quality recording equipment that we had back then, it was impossible in the early years. With today's modern digital recorders, it is easy with a little equipment training.

In this recording, the various harmony parts were arranged by me and played by me. The instrument that records EVERY PART is a Hohner Super 64X professional type Chromatic Harmonica. With an 8 track recorder, I would record the soprano, tenor, alto, and bass in stereo. With two tracks for each part, that made 8 tracks used. So all this HARMONY was MASTERED into two tracks of stereo and mixed together.

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