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Herbster Evangelistic Team -- New Every Morning

Herbster Evangelistic Team -- New Every Morning
Price: $15.95
Product#: Herbster5-CD
Herbster Evangelistic Ministries
Male-Female Quartet
Total Playing Time: 57:30
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This recording is listed under:
Male-Female Quartet

Songs Included On This CD
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1. Christ In Us, The Hope Of Glory (3:23)
2. The Love Of God (3:13)
3. On Christ I Stand (2:55)
4. Jesus, Savior, Blessed Friend (3:19)
5. How Marvelous Are The Works Of God (2:39)
6. O To Be Like Thee (4:05)
7. We Rejoice In All Your Ways (3:44)
8. No Other Name (4:08)
9. He Is The Everlasting God (2:13)
10. May The Mind Of Christ My Savior (3:13)
11. Oh, Wonderful Love Of My God (4:24)
12. You Knew Me, Lord (3:43)
13. Make My Life A Song Of Praise (2:22)
14. I Will Live My Thanks (3:28)
15. His Grace Is Greater (4:54)
16. New Every Morning (5:38)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
At times, life weighs us down and peace seems to be far from us. As we face the difficulties of life and pressures surround us on all sides, we can find rest and true peace only in the mercies of God. Each day, God wants his people to see His loyal love and kindness as if for the first time. His mercies are new, not in the sense that hey never existed before, but in that they are a fresh renewal of what His children have experienced in the past. Just as sure as the sun will rise each morning, so sure and secure will God's unfailing faithfulness be to His children. Let us hope in a hopeless day and rest in a restless hour as we meditate on the loving kindness of God and His compassions, which are new every morning!

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