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Gayle Edward Russ -- Sings The Songs Of Stuart Hamblen

Gayle Edward Russ -- Sings The Songs Of Stuart Hamblen
Price: $15.95
Product#: FMM-03448-CD 
Faith Music Missions
Male Solo
Total Playing Time:

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This recording is listed under:
Male Solo

Guitar Arrangements

Songs Included On This CD
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1. It Is No Secret (3:25)(Universal-MCA Publishing BMI/CCLI)
2. This Ole House (2:21)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)
3. How Big Is God (3:39)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)
4. Teach Me, Lord, To Wait (3:09)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)
5. These Things Shall Pass (2:33)(Warner/Chappell Music ASCAP/CCLI)
6. Is He Satisfied (2:28)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)
7. Known Only to Him (2:52)(Warner/Chappell Music ASCAP/CCLI)
8. He Bought My Soul (3:07)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)
9. Until Then (4:31)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)
10. Open Up Your Heart (and Let The Sunshine In) (2:34)(Hamblen Music Company ASCAP/CCLI)

Gayle Edward Russ is Pastor of the Boeke Road Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana.  His son Ed Russ does most of the music production work on a lot of the recordings that are released on the Faith Music Missions record label. 

The message inside the CD cover reads...
What a great joy it is to do an album of Stuart Hamblen songs. These songs are timeless, and our youth need to hear them again.

Can you imagine fifty-three years ago turning on your radio, no matter what station anywhere in the nation, and hearing Stuart Hamblen sing "It Is No Secret" several times a day? That's the way it was. Could that happen again?

In a delightful conversation with Stuart's wife, Suzy, now ninety six years old, she told me that "It Is No Secret" number one on the gospel, country & western popular charts at the same time. (Those charts were totally different than they are today.) Also at that time, this great song was translated into over fifty foreign languages.

In the fifties, as it is today, it was young people that drove the music industry, while parents listened in. Now, fifty-three years later, most of our youth have been programmed, force fed and indoctrinated on what the music industry wants them to hear. Wouldn't it be wonderful if once again our youth could discover that it really "It Is No Secret" what God can do for anyone who let him?

Over the month prior to recording this project, I have been in touch with the Hamblen family on several occasions. Suzy Hamblen and their daughter, Lisa Hamblen Jaserie, have been so helpful in sharing stories and thoughts about one of my favorite singers: Stuart Hamblen. 

God has worked tremendous miracles in the lives of many people over the years through these Spirit-filled songs of Stuart Hamblen. If you are blessed by this album of his songs, why not share it with someone else...young or old.

Gayle E. Russ

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