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Fred Bock and Fred Petry -- Cathedral Organ And Chimes

Fred Bock and Fred Petry -- Cathedral Organ And Chimes
Price: $15.95
Product#: Bock6-CD
The Summit Sound Systems Company
Instrumental -- Organ And Chimes
Total Playing Time: 39:47
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Other Recordings By Fred Bock, Organist
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Amazing Grace
Christmas  (Organ And Chimes)
God Will Take Care Of You (Organ And Chimes)
Holy Is The Lord
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. In the Garden (2:06) -- (Organ And Chimes)
2. God Will Take Care Of You (3:07)
3. The Old Rugged Cross (2:53) -- (Organ And Chimes)
4. Savior, Like A Shepherd Us (2:45) -- (Organ And Chimes)
5. Church In the Wildwood (2:15) -- (Organ And Chimes)
6. I Need Thee Every Hour (2:17) -- (Organ And Chimes)
7. Sweet Hour Of Prayer (2:09)
8. God Be With You (2:35) -- (Organ And Chimes)
9. Christ The Lord Is Risen (2:10) -- (Organ And Chimes)
10. Holy, Holy, Holy (2:08) -- (Organ And Chimes)
11. O Worship The King (1:39)
12. Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee (2:16) -- (Organ And Chimes)
13. A Mighty Fortress (3:00) -- (Organ And Chimes)
14.The Spacious Firmament (3:01)
15. All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name (2:21) -- (Organ And Chimes)
16. Onward, Christian Soldiers (2:53) -- (Organ And Chimes)

About Fred Bock, Organist...
Fred Bock is recognized as one of the outstanding organists on the Pipe Organ in America. He can be heard most Sundays playing at the Hollywood Park Presbyterian Church in California, where he also directs their 65 voice choir. Fred has also appeared on television, and played in motion pictures. In addition to his own recordings, he has accompanied many other artists as a background musician. Fred Bock has recorded eleven albums on the Summit Records Label. As you listen to this beautiful album of time-honored hymns of the faith, close your eyes and imagine you are in a large house of worship and enjoying the masterful sounds of Fred Bock at the Pipe organ.

Message on the rear of the CD Cover...
There probably isn't a more difficult instrument to play correctly than the pipe organ. Therefore just being able to play it is a great accomplishment. Fred Bock is recognized as one of the outstanding young organists on the Pipe Organ. In his short professional career, after completing his college and musical training, he has been recognized for his recordings, on several major record labels as well for his many artistic appearances.

He has performed on television, in motion pictures, TV commercials, and as an accomplished accompanist for vocal recording and television artists.

He is also an arranger and composer of note for the organ, piano, choral groups and orchestral ensembles and has more than four-hundred published works. For several years he served as editor and production supervisor for a leading publisher of sacred music.

He is a member of the West Coast Writers Advisory Board of ASCAP, Secretary of the Church Music Publishers Association and the co-author of a recent book.

Almost every Sunday he is to be found at the keyboard of the organ of this home church, one of the largest in the Los Angeles area.

Only after you have heard this album, and its softly modulated interpretation, you will be able to fully appreciate the master commend that Fred Bock has of the Pipe Organ. You will be able to close your eyes and imagine that you are in some beautiful cathedral with all of the beautiful sounds that are part of the organ, reproduced in wonderful stereophonic clarity.

There is a wonderful treat in store for you. This Summit stereo recording will bring many hours of enjoyment and fond memories.

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