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First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN Youth Department -- In Loving Memory of our Pastor Dr. Jack Hyles

First Baptist Church Of Hammond, Indiana Youth Department -- In Loving Memory Of Our Pastor Dr. Jack Hyles
Price: $15.95
Product#: FMM-01379-CD
Faith Music Missions
Various singing group arrangements
Total Playing Time: 46:02

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This recording is listed under:
Assorted Vocal And Instrumental Arrangements

Songs Included On This CD
(Click To Listen to 90 second mp3 samples)

1. The Star Spangled Banner  - Churchmen Quartet (1:37)
2. A Few Good Men - High School Boys Ensemble (3:00)
3. I'm Free - Churchmen Quartet (2:55)
4. We Will Carry The Torch - High Recording Choir (3:19)
5. Let's Reach The Next Generation - Senior Ensemble (4:00)
6. I'm Feeling Fine
- High School Boys Ensemble (3:11)
7. Keep On Keeping On
- High School Recording Choir (2:47)
8. He Touched Me
- Churchmen Quartet (2:49)
9. Crown Him King - Churchmen Quartet (2:38)
10. Satisfied - Churchmen Quartet (3:42)
11. Crown Him - High School Recording Choir (2:38)
12. Trust And Obey - High School Ensemble (2:38)
13. Getting Ready To Leave This World - High School Recording Ensemble (2:11)
14. Not Even A Stone (2:23)
15. He Is Mine (2:51)
16. Haven Of Rest
- Churchmen Quartet (3:34)

This is a "compilation CD" that consists of various singing groups from Youth Department of First Baptist Church and College of Hammond, Indiana. 

The message inside and backside of the CD cover reads...
Brother Hyles,

As Beginners, Juniors, Teenagers, and Adults, we knew you as our Pastor. you taught us to stay pure and clean, and admonished us to live our lives for the Lord. You were proud of us when we did right, but you also wept for us and loved us when we didn't. In your 41 years at First Baptist Church, we never saw you give up an anyone.

Through our years as First Baptist Teenagers, we felt your love as you preached messages to us that we needed to hear. For 28 years, you tried to reach America's teenagers at our Nationwide Youth Conferences. You were the best youth preacher in the world! America owes you more than she could ever repay. Thank you for loving teenagers. Your teenagers love and miss you.


Bro. Eddie and the First Baptist Church Teenagers.Picture of different groups involved in this recording


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