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Charlie Vest and Assorted Artists -- Thank God For Heaven

Charlie Vest And Assorted Artists -- Thank God For Heaven
Price: $15.95
Product#: FMM-98312-CD
Faith Music Missions
Assorted artists and groups.
Total Playing Time: 45:15
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This recording is listed under:
Assorted Arrangements

Songs Included On This CD
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1. Thank God For Heaven (5:17) -- Female Singing Group
2. I'll Meet You In The Morning (4:04) -- Male Singing Group
3. Mansion Over The Hilltop (2:58) -- Male-Female Duet
4. When We All Get To Heaven (5:37) -- Female Solo
5. If You Can See Me Now (3:55) -- Female Solo
6. What A Day That Will Be (3:09) -- Singing Group (Male/Female)
7. Beyond The Sunset (3:41) -- Male Solo (with narration)
8. Can You Imagine? (3:01) -- Male Singing Group
9. Oh, What A Moment (3:22) -- Female Solo (Singing Group in Background) 
10. In The Sweet Forever (2:45) --Female Singing Group
11. I Shall Know Him (2:42) -- Male-Female Duet
12. Finally Home (3:16) -- Male Solo (Male Singing Group In Background)
13. The Unclouded Day (3:00) -- Female Solo
14. Daddy's Angel (3:13) -- Female Solo
15. Beautiful Home (2:21) -- Male Singing Group
16. Home Of The Soul (2:41) -- Female Singing Group
17. In The Sweet By And By (2:13) -- Male Singing Group

This is basically a "compilation CD" that consists of songs performed by various singing groups from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

Executive Producer: Charlie Vest of Vest
Producers: Ed Russ And Tim & Lisa Streeter
Engineer: George Cumbee
Orchestration: David
Recorded at: Faith Music Missions, Evansville, Indiana
Voices Or Praise: Lisa Streeter, Deborah Wilson, Trina Staton, Michelle Sikma, April Bicknell,
Churchmen Quartet: Tim Streeter, David Streeter, David Shelton, John O'Neal
Mixed Quartet: Tim Streeter, Lisa Streeter, David Shelton
Duet: Tim & Lisa Streeter
Solo: Barbara Burke
Recitations: Gayle Russ
Ensemble: Tim & Lisa Streeter, John O'Neal, David Shelton, David & Jennifer Streeter, Barbara Burke, Deborah Wilson, Trina Staton, APRIL Bicknell, Michelle Sikma, and Donna Shelton.

Donna Shelton, Michelle Sikma, And Deborah Wilson

The message inside the CD cover reads...
In the short span of eight months God called three of His choicest servants home to Heaven with Him. To some us Steven Staton, Judi Vest, and Gregg Sikma were loving spouses, to others a parent, but to each of us they were our friends and examples of lives wholly lived for God. 

After their deaths I asked Lisa and Tim if they would help me make a recording of songs about Heaven that would be a comfort to someone who has lost a loved one. They gathered the finest of friends and singers from our church, and with prayerful devotion made my request a reality. Thank you, Tim, Lisa, and each one who has blessed me with this recording. 

My prayer for you, the listener, is that the reality of Heaven will become more apparent to you as you listen to the words and hope given by each song.



Charlie Vest


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