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Amanda Le Bail -- A Whisper In The Wind

Amanda Le Bail -- A Whisper In The Wind
Price: $16.95
Product#: Amanda2-CD
Ebenezer Recordings, Jersey, Channel Islands
Female Solo (Irish Styling)
Total Playing Time: 61:52

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NOTE: Lyrics to the songs are included in the CD insert.

This recording is listed under:
Female Solo

Songs Included On This CD
(Click To Listen to 90 second Windows Media samples)

1. A Whisper In The Wind (3:49) -- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
2. How Great Thou Art (6:16)
-- Stuart K Hine (Stuart Hine Trust, Kingsway Songs.com)
3. This Much (4:37)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
4. A Garment Of Praise (3:53)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
5. Why Can't I? (4:09)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
6. As The Dew (5:14)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
7. On Eagle's Wings (4:34)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
8. Morning Star (6:33)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
9. Carry Me (4:56)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
10. Rock Of Ages (3:47)
-- A M Toplady
11. A Sigh (6:06)
-- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
12. Through All Of These
(3:17) -- Amanda Le Bail (2010)
13. The Harbour Light (4:39)
-- Virginia W Moya

By Way Of Introduction.....
As you listen to these songs, you may begin to notice that each of them has something in common: That is, each song is themed on an occurrence of everyday life; something with which we are perhaps familiar to illustrate to us a spiritual truth. All of which are soundly and Biblically based. Without which, these songs would be nothing more than mere entertainment.

The Lord Jesus in His days on the earth did the very same thing illustrating His teaching by speaking to His listeners about sheep and shepherds, farming and fishing, bread and water, and etc. The Bible calls these illustrations 'parables'.

One of my favorites is the parable about the shepherd who left his flock of sheep behind in search for the one that was lost until he found it. Lifting it up upon his shoulders, he carried it home to the fold. There was much rejoicing over the lost sheep that has been found. Since the Bible tells us clearly that "All like sheep we have gone astray..." Isaiah 53:6, we begin to understand the reason why the Lord Jesus came" "Christ Jesus come into the world to save sinners" I Timothy 1:15. He did this mighty thing by leaving the heights of heaven and His father's throne ultimately to go to the cross to die in place of the sinner. To put it in the words of the Savior himself -- "I am the good shepherd: The good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep" John 10:11. The sheep that He came to save are people like you and me.

Now, the Lord has a way of ever so gently pulling on the heart-strings, drawing us to His precious Word where happily we might find Him and in Him all that is satisfying to the soul. The songs on this CD might help you to remember to observe things you didn't notice before: like the majesty of creation the reminds us of the Creator; the gentleness of the dew reminding us of the tender loving care of the God of comfort; the uniqueness if the Father and son relationship reminding us of the immeasurable love of the Father towards us who are undeserving. I trust that as you listen, you may be encouraged, comforted and assured, and rejoice in the fact that you most precious to the One who never changes.

Soon after the completion of my first album "A String Of Pearls", I began work on this album. It has taken almost five years to complete. For various reasons, it has become a treasure to me and I trust, perhaps for reasons of your own, "A Whisper In The Wind" may be one of your treasures also.

With Love from,


Thank You

"Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift" -- 2 Corinthians 9:15

"In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." -- Colossians 2:3

This album would be nothing without my Lord and Savior who has provided all of the recourses, far too many to mention by name in order to enable this work to be completed.

When I came up against 'solid walls', as it were, through which there was no passing, I have seen the way opened up before me against all odds: I am reminded by these words:

"If ye have faith as a grain mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain:
'Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove;
and nothing shall be impossible to you"

Matthew 17:20

I have to say to my shame that many times my faith has been even smaller than the size of a mustard seed! Yet I am reminded that it is not the size of my faith that is important, but the greatness of the One in whom I am trusting. Therefore, I can confidently declare that "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes" Psalm 118:23.

I would like to give special thanks to my nearest and dearest for always being there. To the many for folks who have asked about the album's progress and also to those also who have once again been behind the scenes quietly bearing this venture to the Lord in prayer.

Thanks also to Deimos for recording these songs, for the valued technical help and advice which enabled me to be much more involved in the producing of this album, and for those all important special touches that have greatly enhanced this project.

Last, but by no means least, I would like to acknowledge Ben of EDGE Mastering for his invaluable part in the production of "A Whisper In The Wind" to the highest possible standard.

To one and all my heartfelt appreciation of all your care.


Many years ago, not long after I first became a Christian, I heard a godly preacher use a story to illustrate the tendency of our human nature to home in on gossip, pick up an ungodly song or pause at the mere sound of "a few coins falling to the ground."

The farther we are away from the Lord, the more likely we are to be attracted by things that are not always conducive to godly living.

However, the closer our walk with Him, the more likely we will be attracted to people whose appreciation of the Lord is sincere and real and whose talk is clean.

We might just be able to appreciate those simple things God gave to us that we might in turn give Him honour and glory. 

Things like: sunsets, beautiful and fragrant flowers, the dew, the singing of birds, the trusting of a child, the ebb and flow of the sea, the change of the seasons, the warmth of the sun, the fall of autumn leaves, rainbows, snow, and wind.

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