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ALERT Men's Chorus -- When Free Men Shall Stand

ALERT Men's Chorus -- When Free Men Shall Stand
Price: $15.95
Product#: P05060-CD
Principle Music
Men's Choir and Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 42:30

Alert Chorale -- Rise Up O Men Of God

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Flag Raising Ceremony (1:17)
2. The Star Spangled Banner (First Verse) (1:11)
3. God Of Our Fathers (2:49)
4. From Sea To Shining Sea (4:45)
5. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (2:59)
6. Statue Of Liberty (3:57)
7. If My People (3:22)
8. The Lord's Prayer (Malotte) (2:55)
9. Navy Hymn (2:22)
10. Salute To The Armed Forces (3:42)
11. Stars And Stripes Forever (4:01)
12. And Can It Be? (3:58)
13. I'll Walk With God (3:01)
14. The Star Spangled Banner (Fourth Verse) (1:10)
15. Close Of Flag Ceremony and Dismissed (0:26)

About the ALERT Chorale And Men's Chorus...
In 1994, in the north woods of Michigan's upper peninsula, the Air Land Emergency Resource Team was launched with little more than a dream and a few eager young man. Since that time the ALERT training program has sought to give young men a vision bigger than themselves and equip them with the skills need to serve civil authorities in times of crisis.

The training consists of four phases. The first phase is eight weeks of intense physical endurance training with an emphasis on character and integrity. The young men learn new depths of humility, self-control, and determination-qualities needed for effective service. The second phase develops practical emergency rescue skills such as land search, fire fighting, emergency medicine, and search-and-recovery diving. The third phase teaches practical skills, including introductions to construction, auto mechanics, paramedic training, and flight in the context of learning to serve with a humble heart. The final phase in the ALERT Program is the application of the skills and character learned by being willing and able to serve in any given life situation.

It is the goal of the ALERT Program to build young men who are known not only for their excellent skills and vocational training but also for the Godly character and servants' hearts with which those skills are executed; not primarily for personal advancement, but for unselfish ministry to the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional needs of others. Throughout their training, the young men are on call for local sheriff departments, fire departments, and other civil authorities as well as deployments throughout the nation. They serve in the name of the officials responsible for requesting their work. Their desire is to work so that the local authorities receive the credit and God is glorified. They in turn receive the true fulfillment that is found in giving to others.

The opening track introduces a typical scene during the basic training. Join the ALERT men on a clear, crisp morning in the Ottawa National Forest as they return from their 0500 PT session with a two mile march back to the main lodge for breakfast, complete with traditional drill sergeant cadence.

In the minutes that follow we hope you will be blessed with the message of these songs as they reflect the experience of an ALERT man as he learns to rely on God, to endure in hardship, to show compassion to the hurting, and to be victorious in the face of challenge.

The album concludes with the Clatskanie Fanfare, a musical tribute to ALERT's first deployment. Written for a documentary of the team's service in Clatskanie, Oregon, during the flood disaster of 1995, it depicts the intensity, the labor, and the bonding between this American hometown and dedicated young men with hearts to serve.

This production has been dedicated with deep loyalty to our native land, and to the Lord, Who in His mercy continues to bless it.


Picture Of Alert Men's Chorus And Guest Orchestra


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