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Trinity Baptist Church Conference Choir -- He Is Alive

Trinity Baptist Church Conference Choir -- He Is Alive
Price: $15.95
Product#: TBC1-CD
Trinity Baptist Church, Arlington, TX
Total Playing Time: 53:24

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. My Faith Still Holds (1:09) -- William and Gloria Gaither
2. He Is Mine (3:50)
-- Diane Wilkinson Arr. by Sam Reed
3. He Is Alive (4:32)
-- Byron Foxx Arr. by Glenn Christianson
4. Holy Is He (6:47)
-- Claire Cloningen/David T Clydesdale Arr. by David T Clydesdale
5. You Don't Have To Be Perfect (4:29)
-- Katherine Louise Hawley Arr. by Mike D. Zachary
6. The Value Of One (4:15)
-- Eric Reploeg Arr. by Mike D. Zachary
7. We Love America (3:53)
-- Byron Foxx Arr. by Harold DeCou
8. We Must Reach Them While We Can (2:50)
-- Mike D. Zachary
9. Come Back Home (4:57)
-- Squire Parsons Arr. by Mike D Zachary & Amanda Baines
10. God Saves Old Sinners (3:30)
-- Kyle F. Rowland Arr. by Mike D. Zachary
11. Ten Thousand Years (3:03)
-- Elmer Cole Arr. By Mike D. Zachary
12. What A Lovely Name (3:27)
-- Charles B. Wycuff Arr. by Sam Reed
13. While The Ages Roll (3:18)
-- Mosie Lister Arr. by Sam Reed
14. I Believe (3:18)
-- Byron Foxx Arr. by Glenn Christianson

The message inside the CD cover reads...
God has given me the honour of working with the Trinity Baptist Choir for these past ten years. The choir has joined with members of several nearby churches and the Trinity Baptist Bible Collegiate Singers to form a conference choir for the annual Great Southwest Bible Conference held each year in October. As God has used this choir to be a blessing to the conferences, may these songs be a great blessing and encouragement to you.

We are especially thankful for two men -- Dr. Mike Zachary of North Valley Publications and Dr. Byron Foxx of Bible Truth Music who have given their lives to writing, arranging, editing, and publishing outstanding traditional choir music for use in our independent Baptist Churches.

The vision and desire of Dr. Bob Smith, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, has been to see old-fashioned Fundamentalism re-established in DFW Metroplex churches with Bible preaching, confrontational soul winning, and spirit-filled singing of choirs and congregations. May God use this CD to help carry out that goal. As we sing and praise our Saviour, it is our great privilege and honour to remind you that "He Is Alive."

Sam Reed, Minister of Music at TBC

Recorded at: Trinity Baptist Church, Arlington, TX Dr. Bob W Smith, Pastor
Arranged and Directed by: Sam Reed
Piano and Organ: Leeanne Graf and Martha Badger
Soloists: Lindsay Polyak, Tim Ingram, and Raphael Perez
Artwork by: Rachel Green
Orchestration, engineering, mix by: Bob Wills, Jr.
Replication: Bob Wills/BW Productions

Trinity Baptist Church
2212 N Davis Dr Arlington, TX 76012

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