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Thompson Bible Institute, Bellevue, Ohio -- Mixed Quartet

Thompson Bible Institute, Bellevue, Ohio -- Mixed Quartet
Price: $5.95
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Product#: Thompson1-CD
Thompson Bible Institute, Bellevue, OH
Male-Female Quartet
Total Playing Time: 41:46
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Hide Me, Rock Of Ages (4:44)
2. Tears Are A Language (4:45)
3. Kneel At The Cross (3:00)
4. I Owe It All To Thee (4:41)
5. He's The One (3:30)
6. He's Got Everything Under Control (3:30)
7. Too Many Miles (3:47)
8. Going Home (4:49)
9. The Sun's Coming Up In The Morning (2:59)
10. Where The Roses Never Fade (6:37)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
Brother And Senior Mike Beck traveled many miles with these young people representing Thompson Bible Institute. This recording was originally made here on campus in the fall of 2000. At the present day they are in the following ministries (as of the year 2005):

Mike Beck: 

Brother Beck was the public relations representative for TBI at the time of this recording. Brother Beck and his wife Dinah (Hays) currently reside in Willow Springs, Missouri where he is president of the alumni association as well as secretary of the Board of Thompson Bible Institute.

Deborah Cawmen:

This recording was just prior to her doing her internship in Belize, Central America followed by graduation. Currently, Debbie is recovering from Lyme disease. She is patiently waiting to fulfill her call to Mozambique, Africa, in God's timing.

James Kahler:

Following is May '04 graduation, Brother Kahler married Deanna Stahl. The Kahlers are residing in Bellevue, Ohio while Deanna completes her schooling and they wait for God's direction for a pastorate.

Deanna Kahler:

Deanna (Stahl) Kahler is a senior in the general ministries department. She is looking forward to a May '05 graduation and fulfilling her role as a pastor's wife.

Front Cover Photo: left to right -- Mr Mike Beck, bass; Deanna Kahler, soprano; Deborah Cawmen, alto; James Kahler, tenor

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