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Sam Slobodian -- Sound The Trumpet (Volume 2)

Sam Slobodian -- Sound The Trumpet (Volume 2)
Price: $15.95
Product#: Sam2-CD
Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries
Instrumental (Trumpet and Orchestra)
Total Playing Time: 30:03

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. It Took A Miracle/I Believe In Miracles (4:06)
2. There Is Power In The Blood (1:34)
3. May Jesus Christ Be Praised Medley (4:13)
4. Jesus Is Calling Medley (3:44)
5. Count Your Blessings (2:42)
6. For All My Sin (2:31)
7. Stepping In The Light (3:05)
8. The Holy City (3:51)
9. What A Friend We Have In Jesus/If You Know The Lord

This CD (Volume 2) is one Sam's most recent releases. Old Christian Radio has played from Volume 1 as long as the station has been on the air. Songs from Volume 2 are  new to the station's play rotation. He blends with his trumpet playing with various other instrumental sounds. 

Sam Slobodian and his family is currently serving as an Independent Baptist Missionary to the Slavic People.

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