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Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Lord Of All (Vocal CD)

Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Lord Of All
Price: $15.95
Product#: 0779115-CD
Majesty Music
Choir with orchestra
Total Playing Time: 41:01
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. All Shall Bow(4:00)
2. Keep The Race Before Us (3:37)
3. Here Am I Lord (3:25)
4. Welcome Home (4:50)
5. The Vict'ry Is Won (3:23)
6. Lord Of All (3:45)
7. Love Still Flows (4:11)
8. Then Came Sunday (3:53)
9. On The Wings Of The Storm (4:00)
10. I Saw The Lord (3:25)
11. I Pray To The Lord (2:41)

 Ron Hamilton and his wife Shelly Hamilton are together singing on this recording. Ron Hamilton is commonly known to many people as "Patch The Pirate". Picture of Ron And Shelly Hamilton










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