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Majesty Strings -- Christmas

Majesty Strings -- Christmas
Price: $15.95
Product#: 0789074-CD
Majesty Music
Instrumental -- Full Orchestra
Total Playing Time: 52:19
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Christmas Medley (3:12)
2. Pastoral From Messiah (4:43)
3. Christmas Jubilation (5:18)
4. What Child Is This? (3:27)
5. Ain't A That Good News (2:17)
6. Ten Thousand Hallelujahs (3:26)
7. Christmas Joy (3:24)
8. Christmas Fantasia (2:21)
9. I Wonder As I Wander (3:53)
10. Hark The Herald Angels Sing (3:09)
11. Christmas Lullaby (3:30)
12. Messiah Highlights (3:22)
13. O Come, Emmanuel (2:40)
14. Go Tell It On The Mountain (3:04)
15. Hallelujah! (3:44)

The message on the front of the CD cover reads...
"For the majesty of the Lord" -- Isaiah 24:14

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