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Majesty Music -- Praises I & II Songbook

Majesty Music -- Praies I + II Songbook
Price: $11.95
Product#: Praises I+II
Spiral Bound Soft Cover book

8 3/8" "High x 6" Wide (Closed) [11" Wide (Open)]
Majesty Music

  "A-Z" SONG LIST  is below product description. 


Majesty Music -- Praises III Songbook

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The message in the front of the book reads (Praises I)...
"...psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs..."

PRAISES is a very special songbook. It has one basic purpose: to provide new songs that are both Scriptural and singable for Bible-believing Christians.

PRAISES contains songs which are intended to be sung by a group: a church congregation, a Christian school student body, a young people's fellowship, a Christian Camp, or any other gathering of Christians. Many of the songs are also effective as solos, duets, trios, etc., but in the form in which they appear here, they are written to be sung by a group.

PRAISES is intended to be a supplement to the regular hymnbook of the church. It is not a combination of well-known songs and unknown songs. The overwhelming majority of the songs are NOT found in and other songbook and they will be a gold mine for Christians who are looking for new and fresh songs that are faithful to the Word of God.

PRAISES will be a blessing to those who desire to praise the Lord Jesus Christ in music and sill be an effective instrument to inspire and edify God's children as they sing His PRAISES. 

Many of the songs in PRAISES are published in other forms so that they may be sung as solos, quartets, and choir specials. A catalog of these arrangements and other musical materials may be obtained from the publisher. 

"I will sing praise to my God while I have my being." -- Psalm 104:33

The message in the front of the book reads (Praises II)...
"The Lord Is My Strength And Song" -- Exodus 15:2

PRAISES TWO continues and extends the purpose of the first PRAISES book: to provide new songs that are both Scriptural and singable for Bible-Believing churches. 

There has been an overwhelming response to PRAISES by those who are looking for fresh new songs with a mesage true to the Word of God and music which enhances that message. Some of the songs in PRAISES have been translated into over fifteen languages and are being sung in many parts of the world. There is even a modified version of the first PRAISES book in Spanish under the Title, ALABANZAS.

Like its predecessor, PRAISES TWO contains songs which have been arranged to be sung by a group: a church congregation, a Christian school student body, a young people's fellowship, a Christian camp, or any other gathering of Christians. The songs are also readily useable as solos, duets, trios, quartets, etc., but group singing has been the primary purpose of the editors and arrangers.

There are several features in PRAISES TWO that will make it adaptable to various functions. There is a subject index to help in finding songs for special purposes. Also, by placing Christmas and children's songs each in their own grouping, these songs will be much easier to find and use. These features will be especially helpful to those churches who use the book asa supplement to their regular hymnbook.

SINGING PRAISES TWO is a beautiful recording of the first and last stanzas of each of the songs in the book which cen be used as a learning/teaching tool for the home, the choir, or the congregation. Featuring twin track recording, this three cassette album makes a wonderful companion to the book. 

The desire of all those who have had a part in producing this book is that these songs will be used to bring PRAISE to the Lord Jesus Christ, the One Who merits all our PRAISES.

"He hath put a new song in my mouth, even praise unto our God" -- Psalm 40:3

A-Z list of the 190 songs included in Volumes I + II.
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NOTE: The name of the songwriter is in Italics

VOLUME I (86 Songs)

A Sinner Like Me (85)-- C. J. Butler (Refrain By Frank Garlock)
At The Name Of Jesus (11) -- C. M. Noel & Frank Garlock
Be This My Joy Today (53) -- Gordon Brattle & Frank Garlock
Be Thou Exalted (49) -- Fanny Crosby
Be Thou My Vision (9) -- Ancient Irish Song 
Bless The Lord (46) -- Psalm 103:1 Traditional
By My Spirit (40) -- Charles Sergisson
Casting All Your Care Upon Jesus (31) -- Carlene Clark
Christ Hath Made Us Free (78) -- Nicky Chavers
Christ Is Coming (27) -- Ron Hamilton
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (69) -- Charles Wesley
Come To The Cross (2) -- Ron Hamilton
Confession (26) -- Frank Garlock
Consecration Hymn (3) -- Frances R. Havergal
Dare To Stand (30) -- Ron Hamilton
Do All To The Glory Of God (Round) (48) -- I Cor 10:31
Do You Really Want Revival? (4) -- Ruth Greene
Father, Lead Me (60) -- Margaret Fishback Powers
For Me To Live Is Christ (23) -- J. White
Give Him The Glory (68) -- Elisha Hoffman
Give Me This Mountain 55) -- Frank Garlock
Give Of The Best To The Master (14) -- Howard B. Grose
God Is Holy (35) -- Frank Garlock
God Is So Good (33) -- Traditional African Folk Song
God Is The Blessed Ruler (8) -- Shelly Garlock Hamilton
Happy The People (50) -- Bob Jones
He Cares For You (77) -- Frank Garlock (To My Son, Randy)
He Giveth More Grace (76) -- Annie Johnson Flint
He Walks Beside Me (79) -- Frank Garlock
He's The Way (12) -- Frank Garlock
How Majestic Is Thy Name (43) -- Ron Hamilton
How Wonderful Art Thou (81) -- E. D. Eden
I Asked The Lord (42) -- Carlene Clark
I Believe God (20) -- Frank Garlock
I Belong To The King (13) -- Ida L. Reed
I Have Come From The Darkness (5) -- Marian Wood Chaplin
I Love Thee, Blessed Jesus (73) -- Frank Garlock
If My People (17) -- Frank Garlock
I'll Praise The Lord (7) -- Sidney S. Aldrich
In My Need Jesus Found Me (37) -- Gordon Brattle
In My Place (39) -- Ron Hamilton
It Is Finished (63) -- Ron Hamilton
Jesus Christ Is All The Answer (57) -- Frank Garlock
Jesus Is Lord (1) -- Frank Garlock
Jesus Is Lord Of Everything (80) -- Frank Garlock
Jesus Loves Me (Round) (18) -- Ron Hamilton
Jesus, Precious Friend (15) -- Sadie M. Campbell
Let Me Burn Out For Thee (45) -- Bessie F. Hatcher
Lord, Send Me Anywhere (32) -- David Livingston
May Christ Be Seen In Me (70) -- Lois Dehoff
May Thy Will Be Done (16) -- Shelly Garlock Hamilton
Maybe Today (47) -- Frank Garlock
My Grace Is Sufficient (28) -- Frank Garlock
My Hope Is The Lord (29) -- Norman Clayton
My Life Is Thine (67) -- Frank Garlock
My Song (71) -- Bob Jones
New Life (61) -- Flay Allen
Nothing Is Impossible (62) -- Eugene L. Clark
O Death, Where Is Thy Sting? (56) -- Ron Hamilton
O For A Thousand Tongues (34) -- Charles Wesley
O Happy Day (59) -- P. Doddridge 
O It Is Wonderful To Be A Christian (66) -- John W. Peterson
O Sing A Song Of Bethlehem (83) -- Louis F. Benson
Obedience (72) -- Mike & Ruth Greene
Others (75) -- Charles D. Meigs
Peace, Perfect Peace (54) -- Edward H. Bickersteth
Peace, The Gift Of God's Love (24) -- Carlene Clark
Pour Out Thy Blessing (44) -- Frank Garlock
Redeemed (82) -- Fanny Crosby
Rejoice In the Lord (51) -- Ron Hamilton
Sing Me An Old Song (41) -- Bob Jones
Ten Thousand Hallelujahs (Vol. 3) -- Ron Hamilton
Thank You Jesus (25) -- John C. Hallett
The Blood Of Jesus (58) -- Ron Hamilton
The God Of All Comfort (52) -- Frank & Flora Jean Garlock
The King Of Love My Shepherd Is (36) -- Harry Rowe Shelley
The Lord Is My Light (10) -- Based on Psalm 27 --  Frank Garlock
The Mercies Of God (74) -- T. O. Chisholm
The Stream Of Time (84) -- Bob Jones
There Is A Way (19) -- Frank Garlock
Thou Art Worthy (86) -- Translated From German by Frank Garlock
Through The Valley (38) -- Frank Garlock
To The Glory Of Jesus Christ (21) -- Ron Hamilton
Trust (22) -- Frank Garlock
Trust In The Lord (64) -- Frank Garlock (c. 1977)
What A Beautiful Day (6) -- Frank Garlock
With My Whole Heart (65) -- Frank Garlock

VOLUME II (104 Songs)

A Good Example (41) -- Frank Garlock
A Heart Of Stone (18) -- Ron Hamilton
A Tender Heart (29) -- Ron Hamilton
A Virtuous Woman (45) -- Frank Garlock
All I Have Belongs To Jesus (60) -- Frank Garlock
All The Way (20) -- Charles H. Gabriel
Alone (46) -- Shelly Hamilton & Frank Garlock
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross? (51) -- Isaac Watts
At Calvary (58) -- William R. Newell
Be Ye Kind (43) -- Ron Hamilton
Before I Loved Him (57) -- Ron Hamilton
Behold The Babe (62) -- Ron Hamilton
Blessed Is The Man (8) -- Psalm 1:1-3
Born In A Manger (65) -- Ron Hamilton
Born To Die (66) -- Ron Hamilton
Christ Arose! (92) -- Ron Hamilton
Christian School Alma Mater (52) -- Bradley Price/Frank Garlock
Christmas Bell (68) -- Nicky Chavers
Come, Praise The Lord With Me (53) -- John W. Peterson
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (70) -- Charles Wesley
Come Unto Me (13) -- Matthew 11:28 (Music by Harold DeCou)
Come With Me (104) -- Harold DeCou
Cool Water (42) -- Ron Hamilton
Create In Me (93) -- Mac Lynch
Daniel (33) -- Ron Hamilton
David (32) --Ron Hamilton
Do Right (35) -- Frank Garlock
Fill My Cup Lord (14) -- Richard Blanchard
Follow Me (72) -- Harold DeCou
Gentle Jesus (48) -- Charles Wesley
Gentle Mary Laid Her Child (67) -- Joseph S. Cook
God Has A Place For You (94) -- Frank Garlock
God Is So Great and Mighty (1) -- Frank Garlock
God's Word (59) -- Frank Garlock
Grace Is Flowing (101) -- Ron Hamilton
He Is Lord (5) -- From Psalm 98 (Arranged by Frank Garlock)
He Is Risen (4) -- Ron Hamilton
He Knoweth The Way (6) -- Mac Lynch
He Loves Me (56) -- Carlene Clark
Here Am I Lord (27) -- Ron Hamilton
He's My Friend (28) -- Frank Garlock
He's So Great (36) -- Frank Garlock
His Name Is Wonderful (73) -- Audrey Mieir
How Can I Fear? (98) -- Ron Hamilton
I Belong To Jesus (26) -- T. O. Chisholm and Frank Garlock
I Cannot Help But Love Him (90) -- Harold De. Cou
I Love America (74) -- Frank Garlock
I Love To Tell The Story (91) -- A. Catherine Hankey
I Must Abide (96) -- Sadie M. Campbell
I Want To Be Faithful (34) -- Frank Garlock
I Want To Be There (95) -- John W. Peterson
I Will Go (85) -- Frank Garlock
I Will Sing The Wondrous Story (2) -- Francis H. Rowley
I'll Trust In God (7) -- Frank Garlock
I'm Goin' Home (16) -- Ron Hamilton
It's A Grand Thing To Be A Christian (50) -- Frank Garlock
Jesus Christ Is Born Today (69) -- Ron Hamilton
Jesus Lives Today (56) -- Ron Hamilton
Jesus, Name Of Love (47) -- Frank Garlock
Jonah (31) -- Ron Hamilton
Joy Will Come In the Morning (22) -- Frank Garlock
Keep Walking With The Lord (30) -- Frank Garlock
Know Ye That The Lord (11) -- Psalm 100 (Ron Hamilton)
Listen To The Christmas Bell (64) -- Ron Hamilton
Long Ago (55) -- Ron Hamilton
Lord, Teach Me (19) -- Sadie M. Campbell & Frank Garlock
Lord, Teach Us To Pray (102) -- T. O. Chisholm
Lullaby (40) -- Ron Hamilton
Make A Joyful Noise (10) -- Psalm 100 (Ron Hamilton Version)
March Of The Wise Men (63) -- Ron Hamilton
My God Is A Righteous God (103) -- Frank Garlock
My Life Is Yours To Control (82) -- Rodney & Jimmelyn Rice
My Very Best Friend (87) -- Ron Hamilton
My Wonderful Lord (23) -- Haldor Lillenas
Never Ask Me To Leave You (100) -- Frank Garlock
Not My Will (12) -- Ron Hamilton
O How He Loves You And Me (78) -- Kurt Kaiser
Obey Right Away (38) -- Ron Hamilton
Sailing Home (44) -- Ron Hamilton
So Great A Salvation (99) -- Frank Garlock
Speak, Lord (39) -- Nicky Chavers
Take Time To Be Holy (86) -- William D. Longstaff
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus (77)-- Fanny Crosby (Frank Garlock)
The Empty Tomb (89) -- Ron Hamilton
The God Of The Impossible (54) -- Frank Garlock
The Joy Of Jesus (37) -- Ron Hamilton
The Victory Is Won (88) -- Ron Hamilton
The Whisper Of Love (83) -- Fanny Crosby (Garlock Version)
The Wonder Of It All (79) -- George Beverly Shea
The Wonderful Story (21) -- Charles Gabriel
There Is An Altar In My Heart (81) -- Sadie Campbell & Garlock
Thine Be The Glory (97) -- Edmond L Budry
This I Do Know (24) -- Frank Garlock
This Is Christmas (61) -- Ron Hamilton
Thou Art My God (17) -- Rodney & Jimmelyn Rice (Ps 118:28,29)
Three Times I Asked Him (9) -- Brian J. Leech (II Cor 12:7-10)
Three Watchers Dim (71) -- Ron Hamilton (from Anonymous Poem)
Until Then (84) -- Stuart Hamblen
We Are More Than Conquerors (80) -- Ralph Carmichael
We Pledge Allegiance (75) -- Ron And Shelly Hamilton
We Thank Thee (25) -- Shelly Hamilton
What Will Do With Jesus? (15) -- Ron Hamilton
Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is (3) -- Frank Garlock
With A Song Of Praise (49) -- Harold DeCou


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