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Herbster Trio -- Faithful Servant

Herbster Trio -- Faithful Servant
Price: $15.95
Product#: Herbster1-CD
Herbster Evangelistic Ministries
Male Trio
Total Playing Time: 62:42

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NOTE: Lyrics to the songs are included in the CD insert. 

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Songs Included On This CD
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1. Proclamation Of Service (4:10)
2. Hold The Fort (3:01)
3. Faithful Servant (4:10)
4. Holy God (4:25)
5. How Shall They Hear? (4:28)
6. I Will Praise Thee (3:22)
7. Victory Through Grace (3:01)
8. Yours Is The Kingdom (4:19)
9. Sing To The Lord! Alleluia! (3:40)
10. I Am Free/My Sins Are Gone (2:39)
11. Be Still My Soul (3:58)
12. Stand Up And Bless The Lord (2:36)
13. Born Again (3:15)
14. Keep The Race Before Us (3:14)
15. Lord, Send The Laborers (4:29)
16. Sound The Battle Cry/Souls For Jesus (2:43)
17. May The Lord Find Us Faithful (4:06)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
This recording is dedicated to one of God's faithful servants, our father, Dr. Carl Herbster. Throughout the course of Dad's life and ministry, he has worn various hats, faced many challenges, and influenced countless people for Christ. He has been known by different titles: pastor of Tri-City Baptist Church, president of Tri-City Christian School and Heart Of America Theological Seminary, overseer of OREMEX missions and Southland Christian Camp, president of the American Association of Christian Schools, and host of Talking Education and other radio talk shows.

None of these "impressive" accomplishments meant much to the three small boys growing up in the Herbster home. What mattered to us was that Dad took the time to wrestle with us and to play ball with us. What mattered was that he was there to kiss us and tuck us into bed at night. What mattered was that he faithfully taught us the Scriptures. These were the things that mattered to those three young boys.

As we grew into teenagers, we come to understand a little bit more about Dad's ministry, about outside pressures and responsibilities. But what mattered most to us during those years was that, as busy as Dad was, he made it a priority to be at our ball games, recitals and programs. What mattered was that he took "just the boys" out to breakfast once every week. What mattered was that he cared enough to tell us "no" even though he knew we may not understand completely. What mattered to those three teens was that none of Dad's meetings were ever too important to be interrupted by his sons. These were the things that mattered.

During our college years, Dad's ministry and influence continued to expand. He became a well known figure in fundamentalist Christian circles. But what mattered to us that was that we saw our Dad consistently living in private what he was preaching in public. What mattered was that we saw a man who was devoted to preaching and living Biblical truth, no matter how many others disagreed.

Now, as three grown men in ministry with families of our own, we are truly amazed at what Dad, by God's grace, has accomplished throughout his years of ministry. But what really matters to us is that our Dad prays for us daily. What matters is that he is our children's Papa. What matters is that we can call Dad for family or ministry advice anytime night or day, being sure that his advice will be based on sound, scriptural principles. What matters is his quiet confidence in God to uphold his integrity. What matters is that we have a living example of Christlikeness from which to learn. These are the things that matter.

We are thrilled that God has seen fit to use Dad to be a blessing to many people. Carl Herbster is "Pastor" to some. He is "Dr. Herbster" or "President" to others. But to us, his boys, he's just "Dad." And to us, that's all that really matters.


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