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Herbster Trio -- Be Strong In the Lord

Herbster Trio -- Be Strong In The Lord
Price: $15.95
In Stock
Product#: TWS9425-CD
Herbster Evangelistic Ministries
Male Trio
Total Playing Time: 46:17

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NOTE: Lyrics to the songs are included in the CD insert. 


This recording is listed under:

Songs Included On This CD
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1. Come Praise The Lord (3:06)
2. His Way Is Perfect (3:04)
3. Here Am I (3:07)
4. We Love You (3:20)
5. If I Gained the World (2:56)
6. Break Down The High Place (3:55)
7. Who Is On The Lord's Side? (3:16)
8. Be Strong In The Lord (3:13)
9. No Good Thing (3:03)
10. Like A Lamb/I Will Follow (3:03)
11. Where Is A Gideon? (2:52)
12. Be Not Afraid (2:18)
13. Perfect Peace (3:18)
14. Delight Thyself In the Lord (2:50)
15. Name Medley (2:12)

The message inside the CD cover reads...
Thanks... To our wonderful Christ-honoring parents, who from the time we were small, encouraged us to use our voices for the Lord, and "have reared us on God's Word" and "bathed us all in prayer." Mom and Dad, we love you, and we thank the Lord for giving us the greatest parents, pastor, pastor's wife, and, best of all, friends we could ever have.

Special thanks to our dear friend, Mac Lynch, who has sacrificed hours of his time to work with us and who initially encouraged us to take on this project. Without his expertise, orchestration, arranging, and recording, this would never have been possible.


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