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Fellowship Singers -- 15 All Time Favorite Hymns (Volume 1)

Fellowship Singers -- 15 All Time Favorite Hymns Sing-A-Long (Volume 1)
Price: $15.95
Product#: Fellowship1-CD
RPM Music -- Kent, Washington
Congregational Singing -- Sing-A-Long Format
Total Playing Time: 43:13



The supplier no longer has the songbook inserts for this CD.
The songbook that goes with it can be downloaded at:
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. In The Garden (3:54)
2. The Old Rugged Cross (3:35)
3. My Jesus, I Love Thee (3:18)
4. I Love To Tell The Story (3:34)
5. Nearer, My God To Thee (2:44)
6. Sweet Hour Of Prayer (2:58)
7. Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me (2:03)
8. There Is Power In The Blood (2:07)
9. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (3:05)
10. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder (2:21)
11. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (2:28)
12. I Need Thee Every Hour (2:22)
13. Fairest Lord Jesus (2:40)
14. Amazing Grace (2:59)
15. Faith Of Our Fathers (2:44)

Info On Sing-A-Long Hymn CD (from Roy Williams of RPM Music)

We don't in any way restrict the CD's use (except duplication) The hymns are all in public domain and the singers are volunteers who did it because they wanted the recordings to be used in ministry. Missionaries can use it one the field. Chaplains can use it.

I want to make it perfectly clear that we don't pretend to be in competition to the great Christian artists and their recordings. Listening to them can be a great blessing. But, generally, older people can't sing with them. Theologically, I believe it is in singing we join in worship. Listening to the preacher isn't worship. Singing may be. That is why we urge the pastors to include one of our songs each week with the recording of their sermon. Let the listener join in worship. -- as if they were sitting in church. After all, there are over 300 verses in the Bible that command the reader to sing praises t our God. (I think that is more than urge the reader to listen to Sermons -- but, he won't tell the preachers that!)

This Sing-A-Long Hymn CD does not follow the normal artist/listener relationship. This CD was recorded not to be listened to, but to be sung with. Therefore, the Artist is really the Buyer. We have succeeded if the listener almost involuntarily starts to sing with the CD. It was recorded in the style Mitch Miller made famous -- we lowered the pitch and used only men.

It came about because my wife and I had a small tour business. Generally, we took church groups on tour wanting them to sing the old hymns as we traveled. I bought a lot of CD's with hymns. The seniors couldn't sing with them -- they were too high or fancy. I bought Mitch Miller recordings and they had no problem singing. Since my wife was an accomplished church pianist and organist and I had been leading in Youth For Christ and church over 50 years, we decided we would produce a Sing-A-Long Hymn CD ourselves. This is it.

I and several choir director friends analyzed Mitch Miller's recordings. From our findings, we gathered a group of 20 experienced male singers and got an experienced choir director to lead it. The singers came primarily from Seattle's University Presbyterian Church, plus U of W choir and Northwest Choir. Several were noted soloists in the Northwest -- but, they were just part of the group on this recording. All were volunteers.

We recorded in the choir loft of University Presbyterian Church because of its sound qualities. It is almost like singing in a bathtub. They also have a brand new 9 foot Steinway Concert Grand. We recorded 8 separate tracks for mixing later. The organ was added later at our home. Peggy Williams played both the piano and the organ. We didn't allow here to add anything fancy to the music. The instruments are there to help give the listener their note to sing. She started playing for small churches when she was eleven years old in Tacoma, Washington. She also was the organist for traveling evangelists. Her mother promised to pay for music lessons if she'd promise to play in church anytime someone asked her. She has kept that promise.

We are finding in many, many cases a person will buy one CD, try it and then buy several to send to their relatives and friends. One church tested it with a shut-in and the pastor and shut-in had so much fun singing the old hymns, they bought 45 to give to all their shut-ins. Several old saints have told us they use the CD to help them go to sleep. (Research released...found that music was the BEST way to fall asleep -- especially for older people.) Others have said they hadn't been able to sing their their favorite hymns for years -- until they did it with our CD. We've heard from many how the old hymns bring back joyful memories. 

We hope it will be used in churches for small groups, in Sunday School or the worship service if they don't have a piano or organ player, as a ministry for shut-ins, and/or anyway they want to use it. I know that many Christians visit shut-ins on Sunday afternoon. If they would take this CD and "boom box", they could have a tremendous time of fellowship and worship. It could also be and "ice-breaker" for those who are just starting in the ministry. Because people are actually singing, the listeners don't like soloists and they can easily join in singing -- even if there is only one or two.

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