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Don Marsh Orchestra Panpipes -- Beside Still Waters (Volume 2)

Don Marsh Orchestra Panpipes -- Beside Still Waters (Volume 2)
Price: $10.95
Product#: CD-0588
Brentwood Music
Instrumental -- Wind Instruments
Total Playing Time: 51:04
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Songs Included On This CD
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1. How Great Thou Art (4:55)
2. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Medley) (8:08)
3. Great Is Thy Faithfulness (3:58)
4. There Is A Balm In Gilead (Medley) (6:05)
5. Blessed Assurance (Medley) (7:19)
6. O How I Love Jesus (Medley) (7:19)
7. Ho, Everyone That Is Thirsty (3:58)
8. How Firm A Foundation (Medley) (4:42)
9. Moment By Moment (8:26)

What's inside the CD cover...
Song lyrics are included in the CD insert.

Track #10 is a data track that contains interactive info from Brentwood Benson Records.

Message inside about the Panpipes....
The Panpipes (also called Syrinx, Pandean pipes or Nei) is an instrument of great antiquity, consisting of a series of tubes or "pipes" of cane, wood, pottery, etc. bound together in a slight arc. The tubes are closed at the bottom end, and surrounded by air blown from the mouth across the top, or open end. Graduated in length and numbering from four to twelve or more, the pipes produce a diatonic scale when blown in sequence. Thin pipes make a thin sound, larger tubes create a more mellow sound. Commonly associated with rustic and pastoral peoples, use of the Panpipes today is almost entirely confined to Romania and Hungary, where folk musicians perform on them extraordinary feats of virtuosity. (Pictures of instrument on the inside and front cover)


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